Top 10 Trending CapCut templates: A user’s guide

CapCut is more famous for its templates than its editing tool. If you are making videos for platforms like TikTok or Instagram and looking for mind-blowing templates that you can add to your videos, then look no further. In this article, we have given you the top 10 trending CapCut templates. Use them in your video and enhance your video appearance.

trending capcut templates

1. Camera Lenta Slow Vibe Template

It is a video template that has been trending all over the TikTok recently. It is like a transition template that is blurred from the start and then adds a fantastic unique effect. You can further customize it as well by changing the music and effects.

camera lenta show vibe template capcuttapp

2. Photo Dump Template

As its name represents it is a photo template. It is another trending CapCut template, in which you can add up to 100 photos and it will create an amazing photo dump for you. Its duration is 10 seconds. It is a time-saving template as it automatically creates a photo dump for you. You can customize it as well by changing the music and transition effects.

photo dump template capcuttapp

3. Men in Love With You Template

This template was really popular recently on TikTok. It is a photo template that adds a puzzle-like filter to your image with a cartoonish touch and then it reveals your photo. You may say it is a transition template. You can further customize it by changing the puzzle filter style, other effects, and of course the sound. It is also one of the trending CapCut templates.

men in love with you template capcuttapp

4. Healing Thailand Template

Healing Thailand is a video template that has recently caught the audience’s eye. This template adds a cinematic touch to your video. First, it adds a blur effect and then it reveals your video with amazing effects. You can further customize it by changing the effects and music.

healing thailand template capcutapp

5. Airdrop Template

The Airdrop Template is a cool template that is trending on reels nowadays. It is a video template that first shows an Airdrop pop-up and later it shows all your amazing video clips with a cool effect. There are many Airdrop Templates on CapCut with different effects and clip limits. You can use whatever template you like.

airdrop template capcuttapp

6. Film Flicker Template

Film Flicker Template is yet another amazing video template that will make people want to watch your video. It adds a cool effect to your video followed by a slow-motion effect. There are many film flicker templates available on CapCut with different styles and effects. So go to CapCut look for one that suits your style and use it in your video.

film flicker template capcuttapp

7. Diamonds in the Sky Template

“Diamonds in the Sky” is a famous song by Rihanna and this template adds this song to your video following with amazing effects that make your video look more alive. If you are a Rihanna fan then you shouldn’t miss this template. Use this in your video and make it look more amazing.

diamonds in the sky template capcuttapp

8. My real name is Template

This template is kind of an introduction template, it is a photo template in which you add both your real name and your nickname in the form of text in your video. In the background, a really cute 3-year-old girl’s voice is playing in which she says “My real name is Raven but Everyone calls me Symon.” It was trending all over TikTok due to her cute voice.

my real name is template capcuttapp

9. AI Template

AI Template as the name shows is an AI power template. It is a photo template that uses your photo to make AI portraits. Many AI templates on the CapCut use different kinds of styles for creating AI portraits. You can choose any template you like and add it to your video.

ai template capcuttapp

10. Beat 5/5 ANH

It is a very popular template that uses 5 photos to create an amazing video for you. This template is always trending on social media platforms. It is a time-saving trending CapCut template that creates an amazing photo video for you in just a single tap.

beat 5 nah template capcuttapp


That’s all for this blog. If you make short videos and want to make them look more catchy then we would recommend you try these templates. The templates that we have given are all the trending ones. Use them in your video and make it look more wonderful.

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