How to Remove CapCut Watermark? Ultimate 7 step easy guide

Just like any other free version of an app, CapCut also adds its watermark to the videos and if you are not subscribed to any plan you cannot remove CapCut watermark. No matter how nicely you edit your video, if there is a watermark at the end, it gives your video an unprofessional look. So, in today’s blog, we have given you 3 different methods for removing the watermark from your video. You can use either of these methods to remove CapCut watermark from your video.

remove capcut watermark

By Deleting the Ending Clip

Unlike other apps, CapCut has two kinds of watermarks: one that is stuck on your video like a tag, and the other is the watermark that only appears at the end of the video. The latter can be removed by deleting or cropping the end clip. Nowadays, all the new devices come with a built-in video editor, which can be used to crop the video from the end. We have given detailed steps on how you can remove CapCut watermark part from the video in any case to help the user if he is facing trouble in doing so.

Steps to Remove CapCut Watermark:

Step 1 – Firstly, download the CapCut on your device and sign in to your account.

Step 2 – Then, on the launch screen, click on the new project and edit your video.

Step 3 – After editing, extract the video from CapCut and download it on your device. ( we’ve provided details of how you can download the video.)

Step 4 – Open the video in your gallery. There will be an edit option on your device; click on it and delete the end part of the video where the watermark is appearing.

By using Watermark Remover Websites

Unlike videos, if you use a template in CapCut, the watermark appears on the top corner of the video, and it stays throughout the video like a tag. For removing such watermarks, neither the first nor second method will be efficient. So you can use watermark remover websites for removing such watermarks like ‘Media.io‘ or ‘Apowersoft.’ These websites are totally free and remove CapCut watermark efficiently.

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1 – Go to your preferred browser and search for the watermark remover website you may see fit. We are using Media.io in this catalog to remove CapCut watermark. You can use whichever website you want to use.

Step 2 – After going to the ‘Media.io’ website to sign in to your account, it is necessary to use the website and access all its tools.

Step 3 – Click the watermark remover on the launch page, and then upload the video on which you want to remove the watermark.

Step 4 – After uploading the video, you can either use the standard or AI tool to select the area from where you want to remove the text.

Step 5 – Then click on the remove button, and it will begin removing the watermark. It may take a few seconds.

Step 6 – When it is done removing the watermark, it will give you a preview so that the user can further remove CapCut watermark if it is not removed correctly.

Step 7 – Then click on download, and you will have a video without any watermark

By Subscribing to the Premium

Users can also use premium CapCut for editing the video without any watermark. By using the premium version, you will come over the hassle of cropping your video again and again. This option may seem costly, but it is convenient. If you want to know how to remove CapCut watermark using the premium version, then follow these simple steps.

If you don’t want to subscribe the premium version of CapCut, then we have here provided you with our free version of CapCut, where all the premium features are unlocked including the watermark removal, this is the mod version of CapCut.

You can unlock all the paid features through our given CapCut version. Functions like blurring the video, adding animated text and many more will be just one click away.

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1 – Download the CapCut app on your device. It is available on all devices, so you will have no problem downloading the app.

Step 2 – After downloading the app, sign in to your account.

Step 3 – Go to your profile, and there will be a button for subscribing to the pro version. Click on it and choose your package.

Step 4 – When you subscribe to the premium, there is always an option given to you whenever you click on export. Whether you want to export it with or without a watermark, click on it, and your videos will be edited without any watermark.

Step 5 – You can also delete the watermark from your video in the timeline by clicking and deleting it.


We have given you all the methods there are to get rid of the watermark with detailed steps and guides. Now, you can easily get rid of the watermark from the website without any trouble and make your videos look like a pro editor edited them. If you want more amazing guides like this, make sure to check our other guides section.

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